Team Registration Software

How much time do you spend each season on data entry? Or tracking down payments? Sorting out players, teams and volunteers? All of that admin work slows you down and cuts into the time you’d rather spend on the field. This season you can speed up your game and get rid of all that busy work with team registration software and management tools.

Online Team Registration Software

  • Get more players signed up faster with easy-to-use online registration software that is set up and customized to your organization’s needs

Secure Online Payment Processing

  • Collect payments securely and protect sensitive player data, making is quick and safe for your participants to submit their fees online, 24/7

Team and Player Management

  • Organize and manage rosters, automatically assign players and volunteers to teams, send email reminders to segmented groups in your league, and more with our league management software.

About Online Team Registration Software

ACTIVE’s team registration software is web based, making it convenient for both sports organizers and for parents and players. Accessible 24/7, parents can sign up players whenever they have free time, while league administrators avoid doing data entry from countless paper forms. It’s automatic and runs itself.

How Can ACTIVE’s Team Registration Software Benefit You?

Save yourself hours of data entry and give parents a better sign-up option with online team registration software. By putting player registration online, you save yourself days of tedious paperwork, and you can extract player data and create leagues and teams fast. Plus, processing payments online is more secure and you get money in the bank instantly.

Team registration software benefits:

  • Simple, intuitive interface that’s easy for volunteers to learn
  • Secure data and payment processing with PCI Level 1 compliance and strong SSL encryption
  • Convenient access to your league from any computer with an Internet connection
  • User-friendly website tools make it easy to update and maintain a professional site
  • Dedicated support provides you with help whenever you need it
  • Creative marketing solutions help your team and league grow
  • Detailed reports provide valuable insight into your season
  • Built-in email tool makes league-wide or team communication easy

Plus, you can customize all of these team registration software features to meet the specific needs of your league or organization registration, no matter what sport.


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“ACTIVE has been doing this longer and they understand the space better than any competitors in the field. They are constantly improving the product set and they understand the specific sport and industry. ACTIVE has a great way of making everything very simple and easy for the average person to navigate and use.”

Bill Kennedy
Sports Program Administrator


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