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Do you ever feel like you’re spending more time on paperwork than on the fun stuff like being around the players? No need to shake your fist at the sky—we promise that not all team and league management takes such long hours of admin work. In fact, with ACTIVE’s league manager software, you’ll be able to automate and streamline all of those little details that take up so much time so you can start having fun again.

Roster Management That Automates Your Admin Work

  • Easily create seasons, divisions and teams
  • Enforce registration policies based on age, team size, player transfers and more
  • Validate your team’s data based on pre-defined enforcement rules (hierarchal structures)
  • Print team rosters and passes with coach and player info
  • Distribute team rosters electronically through coach notification tools
  • Easily maintain records through family-based accounts

Team Building Tools Save Hours of Time

  • Create teams and assign players and coaches in real-time using a team building wizard
  • Specify player criteria by school, grade, skill level or prior team
  • Choose between manual and mass player-to-team assignment features
  • Manage teams season-to-season with prior team functionality tools

Document Tracking Ensures All Important Paperwork is Submitted

  • Track important player documents, including birth certificates, report cards and medical release forms, regardless of submission method
  • Manage certifications, volunteer disclosure questionnaires and background check results

Communication Tools That Get Your Message Across

  • Email any specified group of players, parents and/or staff while ensuring privacy
  • Send an automatic email reminder to parents and volunteers when required documents or payments are outstanding
  • Generate contact lists and mailing labels for any group of players, staff or volunteers

Dedicated Support To Help When You Need It

  • Call or email your dedicated account manager or a technical support team of 20+ sports technology and marketing experts

About Online League Management Software

Run your league like a boss with sports league management and league administration software that’s built to handle administrative work and reporting, so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to data entry, tracking down payments, manually sorting teams and rosters, and more.


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“ACTIVE has been doing this longer and they understand the space better than any competitors in the field. They are constantly improving the product set and they understand the specific sport and industry. ACTIVE has a great way of making everything very simple and easy for the average person to navigate and use.”

Bill Kennedy
Sports Program Administrator


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