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Being a club administrator is always going to be a big job, but we can make it a lot easier with a solution that handles all of your busy work, helps you report up to your state or national governing body, and keeps participants happy. ACTIVE’s soccer management software is fully integrated and gives you all the tools you need to stay focused on your club, instead of on paperwork.


Online Registration

Online Registration

You’ll look like a hero when you make registration easier and better. With ACTIVE’s online registration software for soccer leagues, it’s simple to customize registrations to be exactly what you need and then let the sign up process run on autopilot. You can set criteria for age groups and teams, enforcing state rules automatically. And parents will be happy because they can register online, anytime that’s convenient.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

It can cause some major headaches to collect, track, and manage your club’s revenue. Save yourself time and pain with online payment processing. Integrated with online registration, fee collection is easier, more secure, and part of one smooth checkout process. To help players afford your program, you can set up flexible billing rules, automated payment plans, and family-based accounting. And any offline check payments can easily be added to the system to ensure all revenue is tracked in one place.

Automated Player and Volunteer Assignment

Automated Player & Volunteer Assignment

Assigning players and coaches to teams and volunteers to roles can be overwhelming and time consuming if you don’t have an efficient process. It’s a lot of people and details to sort out! The good news is that ACTIVE’s soccer management software can automate it all for you. Save hours of time and easily create teams of players and teams of helpers, all while taking into consideration positions, experience, and any other important qualifications.

Roster Creation & Management

Roster Creation & Management

Tired of sorting Excel sheets and then printing (and reprinting) rosters to distribute? It doesn’t have to take so much effort to get your sidelines lined up. Automatically generate rosters based on parameters you set and then quickly email them to coaches, board members, and your governing organization. It’s easy.

Waiver Tracking

Document & Waiver Tracking

Hard to keep all the paperwork straight? ACTIVE’s soccer management software tracks all required documents and medical waivers, showing you who’s submitted them and who hasn’t. If any are missing, you can set up automated reminders to chase them down, letting the system handle the busy work instead of you.

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Keeping all the people that support your club informed is mucho importante, but your communication strategy may have felt a little scattered and ineffective in the past. You can change that with built-in, integrated email tools. Your emails will be easy to create, professional looking, and targeted to reach specific groups (players, parents, coaches, etc). Unless you want to send a blast to everyone, which is just as easy.

Player and Financial Reporting

Player & Financial Reporting

Feeling pressure to show the value of your club, but it’s takes a superhuman effort to gather all the info on players and financials to prove it? In less than half the time that you used to spend cutting and pasting data, you can create both standard and custom reports on any combination of data you’d like. From there, you can easily export and send the reports up to your state of national governing body.

Soccer Websites

Soccer League Websites

Get your soccer club to stand out with a slick website that will be your best marketing tool and your connection to your community. Our web design team will build a custom site to your specifications, tailoring it to the unique needs of your soccer league. Plus, we’ll train you on the system and provide on-going support so you can maintain it entirely on your own, saving a bundle in web design fees.



We’ve got your back whenever you need it. As an ACTIVE customer, you get dedicated account management and technical support from a 20-member team of sports fans with software expertise.

Hockey Websites and ACTIVEkids Listing

Getting in front of more than 80,000 parents a month is easier than ever with LeagueOne’s integration with and ACTIVEkids listings. Gain unprecedented exposure for your league when you enter a program in LeagueOne and take advantage of the automatic posting to and ACTIVEkid’s online marketplace. The best part? There’s no extra charge when you’re a LeagueOne customer!

Soccer Scheduling Software

Soccer Scheduling

Tired of manually setting game times for your league? ACTIVE’s online soccer league scheduling software allows you to manage different venue, teams, holidays and even account for weather conditions. Email communication also allows you to update games, alert players and their families of cancellations, changes and more and round-robin league scheduling allows you to schedule more than 5,000 games with ease.


“We received positive feedback from parents. One father who’s been in business for 32 years said it’s the easiest online process he’s ever used and wishes every other sport would use it”

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“We went into this process knowing that it would not be easy, but we also felt that with the right people and partners in place, we would have a positive outcome. We are absolutely in a better place than we were a year ago”

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