Tips & Advice for Planning a Fitness Competition


Even the best fitness competition event organizer needs a little help at times, from planning and fundraising to turning a profit for their competition.

“3 Essential Tips on Organizing a Fitness Competition,” helps you focus on areas that may be overlooked during your event. With details centered on pre- and post-competition planning, this guide helps you fine-tune your weightlifting competition and keep participants and spectators engaged in the event. With a focus on judging, scorekeeping and instantly sharing and displaying results, these tips will elevate your event to the next level.

Download this guide and learn how to:

  • Keep the judges on track, while limiting confusion and distractions
  • Set up scoresheets and streamline the WOD scoring process
  • Make sure one person works the numbers and does the math
  • Have a scoreboard display real-time results for participants and spectators
  • Create a fallback system in case scores need to be double–checked.
  • Create a “home base” area for participants to store belongings and congregate between heats
  • And more!

Created for functional fitness competition organizers by seasoned veterans in their field, this guide offers tips, tricks and advice on how to improve your event, while making sure everyone attending – whether they are participating or not – has a great experience.

Whether you’re hosting your first throwdown or looking to make your events even better with insights on scoring and planning, make your event stand out in this competitive field – download now!

“The judge doesn’t need to ask who they are judging, seek out scoresheets, or do anything other than judge!”

CrossFit Initiative,
Reno, Nevada