Choosing the Correct Sports League Software: 7 Questions to Ask

7 Questions to Ask Your League Software Provider Thumb

With players to manage and a season to kick off, the last thing you want to worry about is your league management software. Between your day job and the long to-do list for the league, it can be hard to find the time to assess the features of the software system you do have, or the one you’re shopping for. It’s not likely that a few extra hours will be added to the day anytime soon, so we wanted to provide you with an easy way to determine the value of the solution you’re using or considering.

Hit the easy button, cut to the chase, skip the line—however you want to say it, you can save a heckuva lot of time (and mid-season stress) by asking your league management provider these seven important questions:

  • How flexible is my online registration experience?
  • How much does it cost to build a website and set up hosting?
  • What level of security does the system provide?
  • What types of scheduling capabilities does the solution offer?
  • Does your league/association management software provider offer dedicated account management?
  • Is the software compliant with your National Governing Body?
  • What will the league management solution look like in six months?

In this helpful guide, we’ll go into detail about all seven questions, why each is important, and potential pitfalls to expect if the solution does not provide a certain feature. You’ll walk away armed with the best questions to ask to ensure you get the right league management system for your organization.