4 Proven Ways to Manage Your Season From Start to Finish

4 Proven Ways to Manage Your Season thumb

No one volunteers to run a sports program for the joy of filing waivers and tracking down checks. Our online system eliminates many of those tedious, administrative tasks, so you can step away from the desk and get back in the game. After working with thousands of leagues and associations, we’ve developed these four simple ways to manage your season.

1. Automate player registration

Each time one of your players registers for a new season online, you save time. Not only do you not have to physically record and file the paperwork, you don’t have to track down payment or make a trip to the bank. And, your players’ parents will love the freedom of being able to register on their own time, using a secure online payment portal. Our system offers:

  • Easy online registration
  • Secure payment processing
  • Dedicated support from a real person

2. Manage season setup and logistics

Once all your players are registered, the real reporting begins. You’ve got numerous reports to run, lots of information to organize and a whole team to place. Because we built our software with the help of national governing bodies, LeagueOne comes ready to help you manage the unique needs of your sports program, including:

  • Roster creation and management
  • Easier game scheduling with built-in tools
  • Volunteer management and easy recruitment through the registration process

3. Keep league members informed

Remember the phone tree? For a lot of sports program administrators, it has essentially been replaced by the email tree, or the text tree. Our software eliminates the back-and-forth with communications tools, like built-in email functionality and custom reports, to keep everyone in the loop—parents, players, coaches, board members and even your national governing body. Our tools include:

  • Alert notifications for missing waivers, documents or payments
  • Integrated email tool to send updates and breaking news
  • Custom reports for player and financial information

4. Get set up for next season

With the plays of this season behind you, it’s time to look ahead. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, whether you run multiple seasons each year or not. Our software stores last season’s information to make preparing for the next season that much easier. And, your players keep their same login information, so registering for the next season is quick and painless.

“As anyone involved in managing a youth sports league knows, it requires any number of reports, multiple levels of information gathering, sifting through registrations for team placement, and more. Switching to LeagueOne has probably cut our time and effort by half.”

Patricia Jarnagi,
Brentwood Civitan Youth League