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Pop Warner regional leaders promote online registration to improve successes at local levels while saving 20 hours of time at the regional level

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Consisting of 11 states and tens of thousands of young people, Mid-America Pop Warner is the largest of the eight regions that make up the exciting world of Pop Warner Football. This organization is a proponent of Active's efficient and time-saving solutions at the regional level and has been focused on advocating the benefits of online registration to local leagues. Additionally, Active has assisted Mid-America Pop Warner with its special events. Patti Kirkwood, Regional Scholastics Director for Mid-America Pop Warner, plans and executes an annual banquet every year for successful players who have achieved a 96 or above grade average in school. The event has become extremely popular, blossoming from 500 to 2000 kids every year.

In the huddle with Patti Kirkwood, Regional Scholastics Director

How long have you been with Active?

We teamed up with Active in 2007, so we are going on our 4th season using online registration and league management.

Local associations within Mid-America Pop Warner have an extraordinarily high online registration rate. How were you able to get online registration rates so high?

After selecting Active's football software, we brought the technology to our regional meeting and invited all of the local associations to try it out. We also did a demonstration where we went into the sandbox and showed them how easy it was to use. Hoffman Estates Pop Warner was one of the first local associations to jump in and once they did, word of mouth just spread.

We also held additional workshops for local organizers to show them how easy it was. We demonstrated how it worked, how to maintain it and all of the various uses for it.

When it came to planning the annual Scholars banquet, you chose to use Active, as well. Why?

When we started the banquet seven years ago, we originally had 500 kids attend. Since then, it has grown to 2000. I originally had all of the ticket requests sent directly to my home and then I would forward the cash or checks to the treasurer who lived in another state. It was an incredibly inefficient process.

What was your transition from manual processing to Active's online registration like?

The transition was easy, thanks in large part to the training Active provides. The parents also found it to be userfriendly. We started out with about 20% of our participants registering online in the first year and have grown to 80% this past year. Having the Pop Warner logo on the registration page was a big help. Parents knew they could trust it.

What has your experience with Active's customer service been like?

It's been amazing. No matter how busy we've been or how busy our account manager has been, we've never had an issue where our concerns weren't attended to.

How much time do you save using Active's football software?

During banquet season, I was spending 40-50 hours a week of my own time opening envelopes, manually entering data and doing other busy work. With Active, I'm saving 40% of that time. I don't have to send overstuffed envelopes off to the treasurer. That whole sequence is done for me now.

Not only that, it saves my volunteers from having to open envelopes, process paperwork and do manual tasks. Because of that, I'm able to add new features to the annual banquet every year without needing more volunteers. I can put them on bigger and better projects, instead of data entry. Active helps me make the annual banquet better every year.

“The staff at Active is amazing. They are very flexible and they let us add new features to online registration every year. It's an amazing collaborative effort.”

-Patti Kirkwood, Regional Scholastics Director, Mid-America Pop Warner

Active Network is the Official Technology Partner to Pop Warner Little Scholars

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