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Chicagoland Pop Warner association saves volunteers dozens of hours each season and parents love the convenience.

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With hundreds of players and dozens of volunteers, The Hoffman Estates Redhawks are proud to represent the Chicagoland Pop Warner Conference. Along with winning conference titles and fielding an elite cheer squad, Hoffman Estates has been a huge proponent of ACTIVE’s online registration feature. Renee Robinson, Secretary for Hoffman Estates, has worked with other area associations to help spread the word on how easy online registration is to use and the impact it can have on the lives of everyone associated with their league.

In the huddle with Renee Robinson, Secretary, Hoffman Estates

Q: How long has the Hoffman Estates association been working with Active?

A: We've been with Active for 3 years and we've been using online registration the entire time.

Q: Your online registration rate is 93%. What did you do to promote online registration to your parents so successfully?

A: We used a multifaceted approach. We started by sending out email blasts to everyone in our league informing them that we would be going with online registration. We followed it up by sending out fliers to the schools and we made postings on our Facebook page, as well. We provided computers at our player weigh-in for those parents who didn't have a home computer.

Q: What has been the reaction from your parents in regards to online registration?

A: I would say 98% of our parents love using online registration. The few errors we do get are easily corrected. Returning families can complete the entire registration process in less than 5 minutes. Our parents love it.

Q: How has online registration helped you with required document collection for Pop Warner?

A: Required document collection is one of the best parts of online registration. We are required to collect forms from every parent before their child is allowed to play and it can be complicated. With online registration, I can check off what they've turned in and I can send emails notifying parents of what they still need to submit. I don't have to keep a separate Excel sheet with all the information on it that constantly needs updating. I just point, click and it's done. It's a huge, huge time saver.

Q: What other tedious chores does online registration help you with?

A: If I need to make a report, it only takes a moment to do so. I can pull the report right away, no matter what kind of report I need. It can be by age group, or for cheer or football. Everything is faster because of online registration. I don't have to spend my nights putting it all together, sorting paperwork.

Q: How much time does online registration save you?

A: What I always tell people is that online registration allows me to spend time with my family again. My time is saved not having to make excel documents that show me who owes me what paperwork. My time is saved not having to type in everyone's information. The total amount of time I save could be hundreds of hours per season.

At night now, I'm spending time with my family and not doing all that work. If I am typing everyone's information in I can make mistakes. With online registration, I am not typing in the information so I am eliminating most of these mistakes and saving time. That's what people in other associations have to do.

All parents have to do is go in, check their info and see if anything has changed. I'm not spending hours and hours doing that. I don't have to spend my time making report after report if a team changes their roster. I don't have to bother anymore; it's already done for me. That's the time saver. That's where the real benefit of online registration is. It's all about the time with your family you can get back, and that's priceless.

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