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Active software hits a home run for a youth league within earshot of Nashville: Registration time and effort is cut in half, and team-building processes improve to ensure no one gets left out


With downtown Nashville just 15 minutes away, the folks in Brentwood relish their proximity to the home of the Country Music Awards and some of the country’s top musicians. But for Brentwood’s five to 16 year olds, the best thing just may be that baseball and softball are happening. The Brentwood Civitan Youth League, chartered with Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Baseball and Softball, has been serving this suburban enclave for more than 20 years, encouraging fair play and good sportsmanship for up to 1800 boys and girls.

In the dugout with Patricia Jarnagin, League Administrator

When her children were playing baseball and softball, Patricia Jarnagin stepped up to the plate and volunteered to help the organization. She was introduced to Active’s online registration and league management software and has been a staunch advocate of the tools ever since. Four years later she continues to volunteer her time, now with the Brentwood Civitan Youth League, where she introduced the Active system. It’s made all the difference to her, to the volunteers, and to the league.

Bringing the best online league management choice to Brentwood Civitan

When Patricia Jarnagin took on the mantel of League Administrator for the Brentwood Civitan Youth League, she had a working knowledge of Active’s online registration and league management software; Brentwood’s system was not yet automated, so Jarnagin introduced Active to the league. She admits to not being all that computer savvy, so she appreciates the fact that “you don’t have to be a computer geek” to use the products. In fact, one of the things she likes best is how user friendly the Active system is. Other companies have vied for Brentwood’s business; but Jarnagin has done the comparisons, and says, “no one comes close” to offering the level of service, ease and technical support Active does.

When it comes to saving time, Active knocks it out of the park

As anyone involved in managing a youth sports league knows, it requires any number of reports, multiple levels of information gathering, sifting through registrations for team placement, and more. Jarnagin notes that changing from walk-up to online registration has probably cut their time and effort by half. Plus, they can now automate volunteer sign-ups, and simply download reports on who’s volunteered as a head or assistant coach; to help organize events or be a team mom or dad; which local businesses want to sponsor a team, and more. Jarnagin relishes the hours saved having immediate access to information, whether it’s for player evaluations, verifying that players reside within league boundaries, or downloading reports on who has paid. Says Jarnagin, "It would be a nightmare to try and sort it all by hand."

Broadcast emails keep everyone in the loop

With the data available through Active’s software, Jarnagin can sort out who played last year and send out a broadcast email announcing that registration is open. It’s an excellent way to maintain league participation, while helping players register when they want, rather than having to schedule walk-up registration. She looks forward to sending more email broadcasts in the future as she learns more about how to use the system to include graphics, photos and more.

Keeping stats on the financials

Having information at her fingertips means Jarnagin can pull up financial reports—“Our treasurer is happy,” she says—and, as with other reports, can get the exact information she wants, sorted how she needs it. It has been a pretty quick process to retrain league families to remember they don’t have to write checks any more; Jarnagin figures it took about a year for the transition from the old ways to the new, though there are some checks still coming in. It’s fewer and fewer as time goes on and people become accustomed to utilizing new technology to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. “I have absolutely no complaints,” says Jarnagin.

The who’s who of teams – without double data-entry

Using Active’s registration system, Jarnagin can easily sort players by age, skill and location, place them in draft rounds and see that they are slotted to the team for which they are best suited. “We used to spread out all the registration forms on the floor and set up teams that way. Sometimes someone would get left out. That doesn’t happen anymore; now we have checks and balances.” All this helps ensure the league has even teams and the best season possible. Plus, coaches are easily provided with player information to help plan for successful team development. It’s a win-win for all.

The eteamz difference

Like many sports leagues, Brentwood Civitan has an eteamz website where information can be shared, events posted on the calendar, photos of games, team members and events uploaded. “Our coaches get the wins and losses up so everyone knows our standing,” which is appreciated throughout the league. In time, Jarnagin hopes to further utilize the site’s functionality, adding content to keep fans and participants excited and involved.

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