Soccer Scheduling Software

  • All Star Scheduler
  • Automatic Game Notifications
  • Location & Field Management
  • Easy Rescheduling & Blackout Dates
  • Round Robin Scheduling
  • iCal Integration


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Whether you have one spring league with six teams or three seasons with forty teams, creating a soccer league schedule is a tough task. Maybe you create it yourself by hand or even in Excel, but all of that work can go away with our soccer scheduling software. All you have to do is set criteria like number of games, season parameters, and blackout dates. If you have a few soccer fields around town, add those in and the soccer software will do the rest. You’ll have a full schedule in minutes, ready to printed and posted on your website.

We all know that things change once the season gets underway. Maybe a whole Saturday gets rained out or two teams need to reschedule a game. Whatever hiccups happen throughout the season, you can go back in and easily make updates. Your schedule will automatically update on your website and email notifications will go out to the appropriate teams, coaches, and parents. With our soccer scheduling software, you’ll never have overbookings, double bookings, or empty fields again.


Soccer Scheduling Software
  • Set season parameters and import teams
  • Create a schedule automatically with the soccer league scheduler
  • Publish schedules online or print and distribute to your soccer club
  • Edit and update the schedule as needed
  • Send automated schedule change emails to the affected coaches and parents
  • Easily schedule tournaments with round-robin, single and double-elimination brackets