When hockey organizers begin using our software, they always tell us how much time it saves them. We’re talking hours and hours of time. That makes us happy because we’d rather let our hockey software handle the tedious admin work so you can focus on growing your association. Whether you’re currently using an online association management system or doing things the manual way, we can offer you a better solution. From customizable online registration to dedicated support to advanced payment options, our technology is designed for hockey associations and can save you some serious amounts of time and stress.


Custom Online Registration

Custom Online Registration

Using the best hockey registration software for your association will make the sign up experience easier and faster for everyone involved. You’re too busy to be dealing with workarounds or convoluted systems that just barely get the job done. Save time and operate more efficiently with advanced hockey software that’s built to handle the complex registration needs of associations like yours. One of the biggest benefits is that online registration is integrated with USA Hockey’s database, so you can instantly verify membership status and then easily export player data to Cyber Sport in the format USA Hockey requires.

Advanced Payment Processing

Advanced Payment Options

As you know, getting involved in a hockey program can be pricey, but you can make it easier and more affordable for the families that are a part of your organization. Integrate payments with online registration so it’s one smooth process and you ensure that all fees are paid promptly. To help families manage the cost, set up flexible billing rules, automated payment plans, coupon codes, and family-based accounting. And any offline check payments can easily be added to the system to ensure all revenue is tracked in one place – making revenue reconciliation easy!

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

As an ACTIVE customer, you get a dedicated account manager and access to a live technical support team when you need it. Your account manager is a real person, based in the U.S., and an expert on the sports industry—you can call or email whenever you have a question or just want to get some ideas. Technical support also can be a big help, troubleshooting any issues you have with the software and providing registration support to both you AND your participants. In other words, we’ve got your back whenever you need it.

Player and Family Account Management

Player & Family Account Management

Make the season a great experience for your players by managing their accounts on an individual or family-based level. Little brother has to keep up with big brother, so offer sibling discounts and family limits, even setting up various payment plans and auto-billing to make your program more affordable. And get and give more control over family account info because it’s all stored in one central location, web accessible, and easy to view and generate reports on.

Automated Player & Volunteer Assignment

Automated Player & Volunteer Assignment

Juggling players, coaches and schedules can take way more time than you expect it to. That’s why our hockey software includes tools that make team and role assignment really easy and fast. You won’t spend hours copying and pasting names into Excel and you’ll get the balance among teams and helpers that you’re trying so hard to achieve.

Roster Creation and Management

Roster Creation & Management

Ask any association administrator and they’ll tell you that creating rosters for hockey ain’t easy. Sorting and balancing the different age groups, divisions, and various other details can be painful. But no matter how complex or detailed, ACTIVE’s hockey software can make it simple and easy. Just set parameters for your rosters and then click a button…bam. You’ve created a roster. From there, you can click one more button to email that roster to coaches, volunteers, and board members. It’s that easy!

Waiver Tracking

Document & Waiver Tracking

We all know how important it is to get those required documents like medical waivers and residency forms turned in. As important as they are, somehow there’s always a few that are MIA. You can keep all the paperwork organized with the document tracking tool in ACTIVE’s hockey software. Check the status on what’s submitted and what’s missing, and then send automated reminders for any late or missing forms.

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Our hockey association management software includes an advanced built-in email tool that makes it easy to communicate with your organization. If you need to tell everyone about a schedule change or fee deadline, put it in an email. Create professional, good-looking messages that say exactly what you want and send them to everyone, or target them to reach certain groups such as players, coaches, game officials, etc.

Player & Financial Reporting

Player & Financial Reporting

Improve communication among your board by providing reports on players and finances that are more detailed than you’ve ever had before. You can pull standard reports or create custom reports that will help you and the rest of your board make better decisions for the association because you’ll have the most up-to-date data presented in the most reader-friendly ways.


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ACTIVE Network and USA Hockey have teamed up to integrate our technology, making the jobs of association managers a lot easier.  Being able to instantly verify USA Hockey membership status during registration and quickly report player data to USA Hockey is just one of the ways our organizations are working together to help grow the sports of hockey, while providing great tools that simplify administration.

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