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Team Roster Creation & Management Software

  • Automatic Team Assignment
  • Game & Schedule Reminders
  • Online Document Management
  • Email Communication Tools

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We built team roster software for sports administrators

Toggling back and forth between Excel sheets to organize players by skill level, age and other criteria can make your eyes cross and certainly isn’t the “fast” way to do things. We know how hard it is to sort through all of those names and lists, trying to make everyone happy with their assignments while still following league rules. To solve that problem, we built team roster software for sports administrators. With just a few clicks, you can designate which players (and coaches) are going to which teams, saving yourself hours of time and stress.

Automate player and coach assignments to teams

Generate rosters electronically and email them for fast distribution

Export rosters in a format you determine, making it easy to report up to national governing bodies

How Can ACTIVE’s Team Roster Software Benefit You?

Save yourself hours of time manually shuffling around players and coaches on Excel sheets or handwritten papers. With ACTIVE’s team roster software, you can automate the assignment process, organizing people in the right places, with just a few clicks. And instead of spending time and paper on printing out the rosters for distribution, you can simply email them.

Plus, ACTIVE’s team roster software is part of a much bigger package. Our full sports management software includes:

Collect and Manage Payments Online
  • Simple, intuitive interface that’s easy for volunteers to learn
  • Secure data and payment processing with PCI Level 1 compliance and strong SSL encryption
  • Convenient access to your league from any computer with an Internet connection
  • User-friendly website tools make it easy to update and maintain a professional site
  • Dedicated support provides you with help whenever you need it
  • Creative marketing solutions help your team and league grow
  • Detailed reports provide valuable insight into your season
  • Built-in email tool makes league-wide or team communication easy
“The ability to create teams within the software has been the biggest benefit to the league…this process has eliminated the mass number of Excel spreadsheets we wrestled with in the past.”
Bill Kennedy El Dorado Hills Little League