League Administration Software

  • Online Document Management
  • Roster and Team Management
  • Payment Plans and Discounts
  • Volunteer Recruiting
  • Email Communication Tools
  • Player and Program Transfer

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Get hundreds of hours back and drop the paperwork

Finding time has never been easier with ACTIVE’s online league administration software. Run your league like a boss with sports league management software that’s built to handle administrative work and reporting, so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to data entry, tracking down payments, manually sorting teams and rosters, and more. Thousands of leagues and associations rely on this system to not only help them manage (if not completely eliminate) paperwork, but also get more players involved while keeping parents and volunteers engaged in their organization.

League Administration Software

Simplify and improve communication with your members, customize reporting, and get all the support you need, when you need it.

Custom League Administration Software

Custom League Websites

Give your league a custom website where parents and players can go to register, check schedules and receive updates – all updated real-time from the system.

Easy Online Registration

Automate registration online, collect waivers, create rostersrecruit volunteers, and more with easy-to-use sports software solutions.

League Email Wizard

Segment and tailor your email and SMS communications so you can target messages to your players, parents and volunteers and beyond.

How ACTIVE's League Administration Software Benefits You

Collect and Manage Payments Online
  • Streamline league management
  • Automate online registration and scheduling
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Drive participation
  • Reduce staff and volunteer workloads
  • Gain more face time with parents, players and coaches

How do we do this? Our online league management software delivers features designed for efficiency such as organized roster management, team building tools, risk management solutions, document tracking, online fundraising and communication tools to better serve your teams and players.

ACTIVE’s solutions are designed with the end-user in mind, from experienced administrators to novice volunteers.

With Our Software, You Can...

  • Create seasons, divisions and teams easily and designate coaches in real-time
  • Securely manage and store important documents including birth certificates, report cards and medical release forms
  • Enforce registration policies based on age, team size, player transfers, schools, grades, skill levels, and more
  • Create family-based accounts for easy record maintenance
  • Manage risks via volunteer disclosure questionnaires collected securely online and perform background checks with your vendor of choice
  • Communicate more effectively by emailing specific groups, sending automatic email reminders for outstanding documents, and generating contact lists and mailing labels
  • Get support from a dedicated team of industry experts

Who Uses ACTIVE's Sports League Management Software?

Thousands of leagues count on ACTIVE for all of their sports management needs. Our league tools and resources give you the technology and support you need to stay focused on the game, rather than the administration.

“Because we’re all volunteers, we had to set up our database and do the scheduling and the teams the old-fashioned way. With ACTIVE, we probably save between 20-40 hours a week. It’s a significant amount.”
Alberto Arteaga Whittler ASA