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Run your league like a boss and save time for the fun stuff.

Do you ever feel like you’re spending more time on paperwork than on the fun stuff like being around the players? No need to shake your fist at the sky—we promise that not all team and league management takes such long hours of admin work. In fact, with ACTIVE’s Sports League Manager software, you’ll be able to automate and streamline all of those little details that take up so much time so you can start having fun again.

Collect & Manage Payments Online

League Administration & Management

Create seasons, divisions and teams for your league and distribute team rosters and information electronically with easy-to-use coach notification tools.

Assign Your Referees

Organizing referee schedules just became much less daunting. With a simple click, assign referees to specific games. Third party referee assignment tools can be integrated as well.

Control Registration Policies

Set your league registration and enforcement policies, such as age, team size or player transfers, upfront. Collect and validate your league data based on your pre-defined rules.

Manage Volunteers

Recruit and manage volunteers by highlighting volunteering opportunities during the registration process.

Scores & Standings

League One not only keeps track of scores but also allows you to create standings profiles. Standings are customizable by sport and are automatically updated when scores are entered.

All-Star Support

Our dedicated ACTIVE account managers and technical support team of more than twenty sports technology and marketing experts are always standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Team Building Made Easy

Real-Time Team Building

Create teams and assign players and coaches in real-time using the team-building wizard.

Set Team Criteria

Specify player criteria by school, grade, skill level or prior team assignment.

Assign Players

Choose between manual and mass player-to-team assignment features to manage your players and place them on their designated teams.

Team Information & History

Manage teams season-to-season with prior team functionality tools. Print team rosters and passes with coach and player information.

All Star Scheduling

Built-in Automatic Scheduler

Automatically generate your league schedule with defined parameters like how many games per week, hours, fields, time available, blackouts and dates. Create a full season schedule optimized for your team in a few minutes.

Automatic Notifications

Rain out? Games and times can be easily changed and cancelled. Communication is sent in real time, notifying parents and coaches of cancellations upon submission.

Importing and Updating Schedules

Times and schedules fluctuate and change. Easily add or reschedule games ones they’ve been created. Schedules from third party scheduling tools can be easily imported.

Tournament Scheduling

Create and schedule tournaments quickly and easily with tournament bracket creation and administration tools.

Group Scheduling

Save yourself some time and schedule multiple groups all at once.


Support blackout dates and locations for teams.

Document & Communication Tools

Manage League Documents

Keep a virtual file cabinet filled with all necessary certifications, volunteer disclosure questionnaires and background check results.

Contact Your Team

Generate contact lists and mailing labels for any group of players, staff or volunteers.

Track Player Documents

Track important player documents, including birth certificates, report cards and medical release forms, to ensure all-important paperwork has been submitted. Easily maintain records through family-based accounts.

Get Your Message Across

Enable coaches to easily communicate with their teams via email including sending out required forms and roster information to players and team staff. Automatic email reminders can be sent to parents and volunteers when required documents or payments are outstanding.

“We easily save 40 to 80 hours each season on registration time alone. When you add in the time we save by not having to track things by hand or use a spreadsheet, we save even more. I don’t have to deal with checks or cash any longer. We’re happy with ACTIVE.”
Mike Noon President Commerce Little League