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Create a Self-Setup Website

You don’t need a big budget or fancy web designer to get a great website for your sports organization. The self-setup web builder is affordable and so easy that anyone can use them to create a site (no design experience necessary) thanks to clean league website templates. See below to discover the functionality inherent in our custom league website builder.

Template Options

You should have options when it comes to building your league's website. The features in our website builder allow league administrators to:

  • Choose from numerous, beautifully designed sports website templates
  • Change colors and content to match your organization
  • Brand each page with your league's logo

Security & Performance

When building a website that will contain your player's most sensitive personal information, you want to be sure your provider has security features that are unmatched in its industry. Achieve Tier 4 security with:

  • Safe and secure web hosting in our Tier 4 Data Center
  • Back-up web servers that ensure your site remains accessible

Modules and Widgets

Ensure parents and players are receiving the most up-to-date information by using the modules in our web builder. Some of these modules and widgets include:

  • Content modules that allow you to post news, updates, statistics and articles
  • A calendar widget for visually forecasting upcoming league games and events
  • Photo widgets to share player profiles and game achievements

League One Data Integration

What's a website without the ability to provide the most up-to-date information regarding your league? Our web integration allows league administrators to:

  • Automatically pull League Schedule, Standings, Field Status and Registration links from League One
  • Build a full site structure directly from League One

Mobile Friendly

With mobile web access skyrocketing, it's important that you have the capabilities to display your league's information from any mobile device. Our web builder ensures your site will be supported on standard desktop, tablet and handheld devices.

Video, Photo and Document Sharing

Give your league the power to communicate with video, photo and document sharing. Features of our document sharing capabilities include:

  • Photo uploading for a Slideshow or web content
  • Document sharing for uploading forms, waivers and other files for download
  • Embedding video from YouTube, Vimeo or elsewhere


Stay connected with parents and players when you take advantage of our social features that include:

  • Links to social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more
  • Embedding live social feeds from your accounts on to your website

Storage and Pages

The sky is the limit when it comes to communicating information about your league on your website, create as many pages as you'd like with unlimited storage.

Website Management

When it comes to getting the most out of your league website, you'll find that the following tools in our web builder make it easy to manage your site.

  • Update your page with simple, inline editing
  • Refresh and change branding with easy to adjust styles
  • Collect and manage data with analytics tracking

Single Sign-On

There's no need to keep track of several logins and passwords. Use the same login that you use through League One to access and administer your website.


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“It is really easy to make changes to our site. I am on it every single day. Nothing annoys me more than when I visit websites that are not updated. I work hard to keep ours current and the system makes that easy to do so. I like to look at our site from a parent’s point of view. I do not want them to be frustrated.”

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