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Wisconsin Youth Soccer gets full advantage with Active Network's League Management Software


Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is home to 135 soccer clubs with a total of 55,000 players in various leagues. In 2009 WYSA, a state-run institution, mandated the use of Active Network's LeagueOne online registration tool for all. According to Executive Director, Melissa Vukovic, it's "really been brilliant" for their state. We asked her more in a recent conversation.

What made you decide to go with online registration and Active?

We created a task force charged with making the decision. They sent out Requests for Proposal and received information from various companies. The group felt Active would be the most likely choice to meet our needs, being able to provide an online league management system that seamlessly incorporates various aspects of our work, including registration and volunteers, while also being fully customizable.

How was the change received?

Changing to Active has been wonderful for the users and well received. Now families can go online to register and the clubs don't have to do the data entry. It's a huge time saver from the bottom up: from families all the way up to the state association.

It has also changed the roles of volunteers and made that area easier to manage. More than 40% of our registrations are now online, and that number continues to grow as previous contracts expire and our clubs can make the switch to Active league management software. Due to the high success of the new system and the numbers of users participating, we've been able to lower transaction fees; this has made everyone very happy and is a great incentive for folks to make the transition.

What are some of the other positive points you've seen?

We've been able to take advantage of great customization with Active. They've made enhancements specific to our State Association policies, enabling us to build an effective statewide system that streamlines the work done at the local level. Another benefit of LeagueOne is a real time, centralized database of player registrations from around the state. Prior to the software mandate, the information was limited. Now we know there is more accuracy.

How does the reporting system work for you?

We can now go into the system and access any information needed. It makes up-to-the-minute reporting possible and really easy. It also helps with our sponsorships, as we can get demographic information any time.

How has Active's support been?

We are extremely pleased with Active's constant enhancements focused on our particular needs. It's great to be able to provide them with feedback, too. We spent a lot of time traveling around the state to introduce Active's online registration system, to provide training; folks from Active even came out for a couple of weekends to help out. We also have an annual general meeting for the state and Active reps come to that to help with training and participate in Q&As, which helps our clubs learn more about a variety of topics.

Active has worked with us from the beginning to create just what we needed. I think we are a bit different in that we are operating from a statewide position. The best thing is that their customer service is exceptional; they help you find solutions to problems or things you want to achieve. They can take your needs and compare them to similar organizations to give you good direction. We went through a lot of versions before we had a final approval on the system and they just kept at it. They've really been outstanding.

Are there other Active tools you use and like?

We're really getting into the website aspect, tying it all together: registration, travel permits, league scheduling, etc. We've even got a new look that Active has helped make happen and we're really excited about that. Their website content manager tools allow us to do our own edits to the site – we don't have to wait for a third-party to get it done.

Working with Active Network has helped Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association GET more players registered online, better MANAGE the leagues throughout the state, and consistently BUILD their numbers.


With online registration, families can go online day or night to register at their convenience. The clubs don't have to do the data entry, which is a huge time saver, from families all the way up to the state association.


LeagueOne makes it possible to go into the system in real time and access any information. It makes up-to-the-minute reporting possible and really easy. It also helps with sponsorships, as we can get demographic information any time.


Active has worked with us from the beginning to create just what we needed and the website they host ties everything together for great communication about everything from registration, travel permits, league scheduling, etc. Everyone knows just what's going on.

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