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Trilogy Lacrosse Streamlines Administration and Processes Over 80% of Registrations Online


Since its inception in 2005, Trilogy Lacrosse has understood the value of online registration. A leader in lacrosse education, the New York City-based player development organization offers day and overnight camps and clinics for youth in states that include New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas and Maryland. Founded by Ryan Boyle and Rob Lindsey, two prominent names in the sport of lacrosse, Trilogy Lacrosse attracts thousands of players nationwide every year. With so many athlete registrations to process for every camp and clinic, the organization needed a reliable, centralized database with integrated online registration.


Trilogy Lacrosse started its operations with a custom database. The organization offered registration online, as well as via a mail-in registration form. In addition to the labor spent on manual data entry and deciphering handwritten forms, the database lacked sufficient technical support and often broke down, crippling the organization's day-to-day operations.

Lindsey explains,“ We had little confidence in the reliability of our database. We needed centralization and consistency.” So Trilogy began its search for lacrosse management software and an online registration provider.


After considering several league management software solutions, Trilogy Lacrosse selected LeagueRegister from the Active Network.

“Active's system is very user-friendly and the value that Active provided based on price point made it the best option for us.”

LeagueRegister provides sports organizations with integrated online registration and data management tools. In addition to streamlining administrative processes, the hosted, Web-based system offers organizations improved management and oversight through comprehensive reports and data access from any location.


For Trilogy Lacrosse, the biggest benefit the organization has experienced since implementing LeagueRegister is the centralization and accessibility of all player information.

“We can update the database in real-time and pull reports by event, season or demographics. The database is very dynamic in that regard.”

Lindsey also notes the organization's satisfaction in the technical support and consistency of the database.

“Active's support team is very strong. The customer service is very easy to work with and that's been a big plus for us. Plus, we have had no issues with downtime on the server, ensuring us the reliability we needed.”

The reporting has also proved to be an advantage for Trilogy Lacrosse, particularly since its online registrations have increased to 80% since switching over to LeagueRegister. Online registrations are automatically processed through LeagueRegister and staff members can pull reports, view rosters and create schedules easily and efficiently. By streamlining the administration process, Trilogy Lacrosse is able to reduce unnecessary paperwork and alleviate manual data entry. A fully-functional lacrosse management software made everyone's life easier.

Benefits of LeagueRegister:

  • Save staff time on manual data entry
  • Increase efficiencies and automate processes
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Offer participants the convenience of online registration
  • Improve oversight with dynamic, comprehensive reports
  • Empower customers to manage online accounts and payment/contact information

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