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In just one year, Pop Warner association increases revenue by $10,000 and reduces volunteer workload by 80% with online registration and football scheduling software from Active!

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Rancho Santa Margarita is an idyllic community located in Orange County, California, and hosts one of the largest Pop Warner Little Scholars Associations in the country. With over 750 kids playing each season, organizers were searching for a way to get better organized, register players and process payments more efficiently, and reduce paperwork. Santa Margarita turned to Active Network, the Official Technology Partner of Pop Warner.

In the huddle with Rob Wattenberg, Webmaster for Santa Margarita Pop Warner

Q: How long have you been with Active Network?

A: We've been with Active for two full seasons now. We chose them because they partnered with Pop Warner and came highly recommended.

Q: Santa Margarita Pop Warner was able to register 100% of their players online in their first year with Active. How did you get parents to adopt online registration so quickly?

A: The parents were the ones who requested that we begin using online registration-they didn't want to have to deal with writing checks anymore. We were using a homegrown registration system that was really clunky and wasn't working.

We announced to everyone that we were only accepting registrations online and we really promoted it. It wasn't difficult to compile a master email database we could use to contact everyone. We directed everyone to our website where we had a link to online registration. For us, online registration was a mandate. I didn't see anyone fighting it at all.

Q: What kind of impact has Active's online registration and football scheduling software had on volunteering?

A: Active's online registration has made us more efficient so we need fewer volunteers each season. We used to have stacks of papers for each registered player that we sorted through by hand every time someone had a question. Now, we have all that information online. For me, it's been great.

Q: How much time and money do you save each year using Active's online registration?

A: I would venture to say that we collect an additional $10,000 a year purely in revenue that was formerly unpaid or overdue. We had so many players, it was a challenge to keep up with who had paid and who didn't. Now, it's all very manageable. We simply input the payments into LeagueOne and we can effortlessly print reports that show us how much we're owed. We can even keep track of who pays in installments.

In terms of volunteer time, we only need 2 people instead of the 8 to 10 we needed before. That's a huge leap.

Active Network is the Official Technology Partner of Pop Warner

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