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ACTIVE's full-coverage client care helps novice volunteers save 50-75 volunteer hours per year using online registration and document collection

Victory Virtues

For the last 26 years, the Bayside Broncos have been turning the Bay Area's best young people into outstanding adults. With 150 participants on six different teams and on cheer squads, the Broncos strive to win both on and off the field. Perched on the edge of Silicon Valley, the Broncos were one of the first Pop Warner leagues in the nation to adopt a digital league management solution that also incorporated online registration. The parents, players and all-important volunteers understood that tedious, labor-intensive paper registrations weren't necessary anymore and together, they blazed a trail that leagues across the nation have followed.

In the huddle with Tricia Trefethen, Vice President, Bayside Broncos Pop Warner

Q: How long have you been a client of ACTIVE Network's LeagueOne software?

We've been using LeagueOne since 2006 and online registration since 2010.

What system did you have in place before you came to ACTIVE?

We were using pens and paper before we began using LeagueOne. It was all a paper system. What ACTIVE Network has helped us do is put all of that information online, and have parents enter in all of that information.

Are you using online for required document collection?

Online document collection with LeagueOne has made things so much easier. Not only does it ensure that we're collecting the right information, it also makes sure that everyone is filling out the right year's forms. All of it is produced during the registration process so that parents can print them out and bring them in. It is a priceless system. ACTIVE's software makes it difficult for people to make mistakes.

How has ongoing support from ACTIVE been?

The ongoing support has been phenomenal. I can't say enough about how good it has been. Every time I've called, no matter what the question, they have been there to help out. I'm the main roster contact so, in the beginning, I was calling a lot and asking what I later realized were basic questions and the support was fantastic. They've never once talked down to me or made me feel silly for asking a question. They walk you through every step. Even when they had to get back to me about a problem, it was always fast. Five star support all the way. The average issue is resolved in 20 minutes or less.

Do you know how many hours a year you save by not having to process checks by hand or from running to the bank for deposits?

When I first came to the organization, we didn't have enough manpower to process more than a few credit card payments at a time. Knowing what I put into registration without online card processing, I'd say we save 20 hours per year using ACTIVE for that alone. Overall, we save between 50 to 75 hours per year using ACTIVE's online registration.

How do you promote online registration to your communities?

We promote online registration in six different ways to families in our area.

  1. There are street banners that we can put up in some areas, so that's one avenue we use.
  2. We also use smaller banners in and around schools in the area. We put the walk-in registration date on them and the website where they can register online.
  3. Our local community has a spring carnival every year. Bayside football players and cheerleaders participate in the parade, and volunteers set up a "Football Toss" booth where we promote our upcoming season.
  4. We also utilize flyers in the schools here, although with everyone on email now, we're thinking of fazing them out.
  5. We also use A-Frames throughout our cities to advertise the website and online registration.
  6. Around the end of school, we'll give some returning kids jerseys to wear to school and that always gets a lot of attention. We want to get our numbers to where we have a lot of talent on all of our teams.

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