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Ballistic United Soccer Club uses ClubReg to alleviate manual data entry and process nearly 100% of registrations online


The Ballistic United Soccer Club recently celebrated its 40-year anniversary. Established in 1968, the Club supports the youth of Pleasanton, California and its surrounding areas. Today, as an affiliated branch of the Pleasanton Youth Soccer League, more than 1,600 boys, ages 4-18, participate in the Club each year.

The Pleasanton Youth Soccer League is recognized by and complies with the authority of the California Youth Soccer Association-North (CYSA), a state association in Region IV of the United States Youth Soccer Association and member of the United States Soccer Federation and its worldwide sanctioning body FIFA.


Years ago, the only way for parents and athletes to register for a season with Ballistic United Soccer Club was to travel to the registration center to make a payment in person. BUSC staff members then interpreted the handwritten registration forms to input the information into a database. As more registrants requested using credit cards for payment, the club moved over to sPortability. While the system offered online registration, Cindy Free, registrar for BUSC, notes that she still had to retype all 1,600 or more online registrations into the back-end system due to the lack of integration. Comprehensive soccer registration software was needed.


Three years later, CYSA transitioned to Active Network's LeagueOne for online registrations. BUSC was the only club in its district to try the ClubReg module the first year. LeagueOne enables governing bodies, like the CYSA, to manage both Internet registrations and league functions, including rosters, teams and official documents. ClubReg is the online registration module that integrates with the governing body's LeagueOne application.

For BUSC, ClubReg enables parents and athletes to enter in their own registration information online when and where it is most convenient for them and without the need for re-entry on the back-end.

Success Strategies

To promote the availability of online registration, BUSC added links to its Website and relied heavily on word of mouth. In fact, Cindy recalls, As people walked in and stood in line, I announced to everyone to go home and register online. They listened. We continued to rely on word of mouth and by the following year, everyone got the message.


The impact of Active's soccer registration software was so dramatic, nearly 100% of Club registrations are now processed online.

We received positive feedback from parents. One father whose been in business for 32 years said ClubReg is the easiest online process he's ever used and wishes every other sport would use it.

Cindy notes that ClubReg has alleviated time-consuming data entry. Now parents can change their own email addresses and phone numbers and submit their own registrations. They're more accountable for ensuring an accurate and timely registration. It's just so convenient and easy to use. I dont have to spend the time trying to interpret handwriting and manually entering it into our back-end system. ClubReg just saves me a ton of time.

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